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This will be a quite specific copenhagen-post, but I just wanted to show you some pictures of this beautiful museum. And I have to correct myself directly: I think Louisiana isn’t just a normal museum you’re used to visit. For me it’s more a place where you can spend a lot of hours. You have to drive a little out of Copenhagen until Humlebæk. After a little bit walking are you there and you’re in a little capsuled space now 😉 you can walk through the exhibitions, in the gardens, you can eat delicious in the (quite expensive) cafe or spend all your money in the wonderful shop with design and art. Not forgetting to mention the view on the sea and – when the weather is good – until Sweden.
PS : If you’re under 18, the entrance is free !






December 5th

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Dezember 5

The nice fall weather is over now and since the start of november the the temperature fell. Now its sometimes even lower than -10°. In the first two weeks of November we had a lot of snow here in Barrie. At one day there was so much snow that we had a snow day (the school busses didn’t drive because of the weather and the students couldn’t go to school). Then the weather warmed up again over the last two weeks and all of the snow melted but its still very windy that makes the temperature seem colder than it actually is.
3 weeks ago I visited a colleague of my father who lives in toronto and she let me stay at her house over night and offered to show me the city. After a 2 hour bus drive I finally arrived. Sermin and I spent the intire day walking around in the city. Toronto is a really nice city though it is probably better to visit it in the summertime. We walked trough the city for about 5 hours and it was freezing cold outside. Then we went up the CN tower which was shining in red and white (the colors of the canadian flag) from up there we had a great view over the whole city. At nighttime we could see all the lights of the cars and buildings. It was so windy up there that we had to scream to understand each other.
I am member of the symphonic and the jazz band, which I just recently joined, at my school. I play the flute. It is so much fun to play in the band and we already had a concert with the symphonic band at remembrance day which was at november 11th. The concert was good and I knew most of the parts although I struggled a few times but that didn’t matter because we have 6 other flute players in the band. The whole band was dressed in black and we all wore a poppy, a little red flower that people put onto their clothing at remembrance day to honor the fallen soldiers who fought for their country. On december 17th is our next concert, the christmas concert. the jazz band is playing too so I’m gonna play twice and I am really excited though it will be hard to play with the jazz band because I only have one week to practice the music and I am the only flute player in jazz band.
School is going well so far but in my math class we are learning more difficult stuff now, which is good though because it is the same stuff that my class in germany is doing too. This week we did ropes in my gym class it was a lot of fun but now my hands hurt from all the climbing.
The japanese girl who lived at my host parents house too flew home last week. Though we never really connected it was still nice to have another person my age around.
In downtown barrie was a santa claus parade (the picture with the bagpipe players) and i went to see it with a few friends. There were about 40 decorated floats and a big firework at the end of the parade.
The christmas traditions here are a little different from germany for example the kids get their gifts on 25th of december instead of the 24th and the canadians don’t have a “Adventskranz”. My lovely grandparents sent me a advent calendar with a saying for each day. I was really happy about that.
& special greetings to my mothers parents who sent me a christmas card and if you read this: i miss you so much

Let’s talk about prejudices

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Of course, every Dane is only eating fish, runs around with a Viking hat and drinking beer !
I would say, everyone has these stereotypes and prejudices, when it comes to talk about other countries, right ?
I always think it’s quite interesting to see what’s behind them, so we’re going to do a little check on the most popular biases on the Danes now:

1. Danes are very fashion and design affine
I can totally confirm this point…at least here in CPH is it really not easy to find a person that is dressed really bad. And there are soo many different Danish designers which create brilliant interior, fashion, and art.

2. Danes are drinking lots and lots of alcohol
Yup – also right ! 🙂 Danish people drink bigger amounts, more often, and earlier on the day. While in Germany it’s a faux pas for a politician to be seen drunk, here in Denmark the candidates are drinking for their election campaign.

Danes are only eating fish
No, I can’t really agree in this point. Of course they have good fish here and eat it more often than in Germany, but the one thing they’re really sticked to is meat !

In Danmark it’s dark the whole winter and it gets damn cold
And I also can’t really confirm this one. Ok the sun starts to go down at half past four, but this isn’t a big different to what I’m used to. And in fact it’s quite mild here…just a little wet.

In Danmark, everyone gotta have the exact same possibilities
Yes, yes, yes that’s right ! Danes have their own way of social thinking and of course you can say in every modern state everyone counts the same, I can promise you – here it is more important for the people !

Monthly Review #2

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Guys…I can’t believe that I’m just sitting here writing about my second month which is FINISHED by now. Seems like nothing since I sat at the exact same place about to start with this monthly review series.


What have I experienced ?
Well, I have to say that the second month was quite different compared to the first one. Everything wasn’t that new anymore, things became routine and I already know a lot of places where I’m going. It’s just getting more and more home to me. But please don’t think, this way it gets boring !! It’s is still the biggest thing I have ever done in my life, and everyday I learn so much new things about people, life and culture. Sometimes these are just little differences, but I really love to explore them. And of course I’m still in love with “my” city and I’ll always be !

What have I done ?
In everyday life I was with my friends so much time and really enjoyed this. We were in the city, at nice places, or – since it’s getting fall – in beautiful cafés. This city is full of possibilities, I just can’t tell about everything, but I think I’m going it write a post about my tips a little later, if anyone is interested ? I also got to know more and more new people, which is one thing I really like about this trip – new characters, new ideas…
On weekends, we always go out, having fun by partying or in any other way and on Sundays I sometimes spend time with my guest family driving to a beautiful park or going in a museum.
I also had one week autumn-holidays (efterårsferie), where I went two days to an intensive Danish lesson, just me and the teacher – this was hard but helpful.


How did I feel ?
Well, in general I’m totally fine and “stable” – sometimes missing someone or something from home, but not too bad. But unfortunately this month, I had three or four really really bad days. It was in the holidays when most of my friends and my guest mother drove away for vacation and it was quite silent here. These three days, I felt so damn bad sometimes, I just wanted to pack my things and fly home, but of course also wanted to stay here. My feelings just went up and down in between a few minutes and it was really hard to get through. But I did it, and a few days later I was totally fine again – and I know, if something like this happens anytime, it will stop and be alright again.

Living in a guest family

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Anhang 1

Hey Guys, today I wanna tell you a little about living in a “strange” family…

Of course, this are only my experiences, but i think the other ones will propably agree 🙂 First I have to say, that I’m really happy with my hosts ! My “parents” are really including me in the family as a normal member, and if I have some problems, I can talk to my guestmother. It feels like she is very much caring about me and always honestly wants to know how I am.

So much to my family – but let‘s start in the beginning! For me in the beginning, everything was a little strange and sometimes uncomfortable – not because of them – just in general. It‘s just a totally new experience to live at another place and being asked to behave like at home ! Things like “Can I use the bathroom now?”, “Can I just go in my room or should I stay with them after dinner?” or “Can a friend sleepover at mine?” are coming in your mind, which work out just naturally in your own home. And of course, you are a lot more “submissive” – I wouldn’t ever start an argue with my guestparents or say no if they ask me to do something…a little different than with my own parents 😉

An also totally new experience is it for me to have a brother ! I’m an only child, so I never had other children at home before. But I have to say I like it that in this way, theres a little more “action” in the house. At this point, I’m totally used to it – and of course also to our dog. He’s so damn sweet and I love him being around looking after one!

So in conclusion I can say, after almost 7 weeks – this house is like a home for me !

Anhang 1

1 month in Lille

My 1 month

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So I found this post in our Draft Folder today, finding that I never posted this- so here we go one month to late 😉

So yesterday the 5th October was the end of my first month in France. I’ll try to put my experiences and feelings in words, even do it’s impossible describing what I’ve done so far:

Friends & Family:

It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be, living in a new family. I didn’t only enter a new Family with different traditions, expectations and habits, but I also met a Family with a whole new Culture, so getting used to their times and behavior was the “hardest”. I shouldn’t be using the word hard actually because it wasn’t hard at all! I was just a little tired at the beginning (and hungry because they have different eating habits then we do in Germany, but I’ll talk about that a noter time ;P ). I have one older sister(17) a little one (13) and Hildegarde(15) is my my age. Both my Parents here are art teachers in Colleges. I really like my Family and I get along with all of them.

By now I have lots of friends in school, because we have big classes, mixed ones and you also meet new people here by getting introduced. I wouldn’t say I have sort of a Clique in my own class, with a group of people I like to be with, but I have single people I especially like and like to hang out with. I mostly have friends in the classes above, I met them true their correspondents who are my age. I also found out pretty fast that french school kids, don’t usually meet on school days, just on week-ends, because they don’t have any time after finishing all their work.


School is very exhausting because I can only follow class when I concentrate 100% on what my teachers are saying in french – not that this wouldn’t always be the cace ;), but I still have to translate most of it into german sentences, word by word. But I don’t have to much problems in math for example, because most of the vocabulary is similar and numbers stay numbers in any country. But the french expect a lot from you. Your only the new german student for the first few days, but after they passed you don’t have an excuse for not doing your homework.

ok so by the way, this was all I had saved last month, so from here on this is how I remember it: 


I can’t remember being Homesick at all, since I was way to busy learning new things and people. I remember having short moments, where I preferred  the way it was done at home (especially when it comes to food 🙂 ) but I got used to them as well so that didn’t make me very sad either. All together this was a very happy and exciting month!


In this first month I,
– got to know my new city by going shopping or meeting there;
– was on my first french party, because my corespondent had a “coming back” party at our house, so that was a great and easy opportunity right at the beginning of my stay, to get to know new people;
– went on a rock concert with two friends of mine.
– had some sleep overs and was pretty busy making friends.
– also started visiting teakwondo classes and taking riding lessons just as I did in Munich, to have some activity in school days other than school.

Again, I’m sorry this post is one month to late 🙂 See you soon! Pauline

Monthly Review #1

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So as you may already know of the heading, my first month abroad is over now…wow – this went on so so fast ! It just flew on like nothing, but when I look back, it feels like I’m here since forever…thats caused by all the adventures and experiences I made here in such a short time. Time for a little resumé:

What have I done ?  I made new friends – which are amazing, I got very close with my guest family, which are caring so nice for me, I’ve discovered so many beautiful places in the city and around…the pictures above can’t nearly display all of the pictures in my head ! Just got grounded a little and “settled down” in my new home.

Where have I been ?  Like I said, I’ve started to discover the new city. Of course I’ve seen some touristic spots but some very unique ones, too.Orientation is one thing…In my usual surrounding and quartiers, I know pretty much where to find something and where to go. Only when it comes to strange areas, I still need my Google Maps, or just walk for a while until I see something I know. I also developed the new house here as “mine” and meanwhile, it feels like coming home when I get back from somewhere.

How did I feel ?  As I’ve written in earlier posts, for me, the beginning wasn’t that easy as for the other ones. I had a little rough time in the beginning, cause I’m just a sensitive person which tends to take things to heart very fast. But I’ve spoken with friends who did a stay abroad before, and all of them said, just pass the first 2-3 weeks, and then it’s fine…and it was. In my case, it wasn’t even that long. I had a little “crash” in the second week just from nothing, but apart from this I’m just totally happy since about day 10 or something !

Mood Kopie


And what were my favorites ? Impossible to choose, but just to mention something, I would pick the first weekend, where I went to Design Fair with two friends, and afterwards we found a beautiful place at the water to sit and enjoy the sun. Also a very perfect day was the one when another friend had birthday. We went in café and just talked, then three of us walked lots of kilometres through the city by ending up at the harbour across from the opera and enjoying the early evening. After our “dinner”, we met some people from our class and went to my first denmark party…and I can’t forget to mention last friday when we were in Christania, but I’ll write a seperate post to this place someday, so enough for now !

See you soon, Hannah

(By the way, of course in the pictures, the people are missing, which make up this time, but I have to ask them if they want to be here on the blog – right in one’s own image, you know haha )


5 mistakes I made so far…

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1. Bisous. Bisous is the french word for kisses. As known, the french instead of shaking hands they give each other kisses on their cheeks. The number of kisses depend on the region you are in france. Here it’s only 1 on each side. I still haven’t totally figured out who to kiss when and where, for example when I see friends of Hildegarde I don’t connect to normally, on the street it’s either just a nod or a wave but in company with Hildegarde there is no way her exchange student doesn’t get a bisou. Or I also found out that with closer friends or family it’s just one kiss. But they also use them a lot !!!(in the morning, just for fun, when you leave only for a few minutes and in the family you also add the ones when you say good night and when you come home or leave the house). In germany no one would hug or shake their hands so often. But one thing I did wrong all the time until I was told by a friend, was that I wasn’t making a kissing sound. I heard them do it but since you aren’t actually kissing the person and the cheeks are just touching I didn’t think it was important. Guess I was wrong.

2. Here in Lille the weather is a big problem for me. In munich when it looks shitty in the morning it will stay that way probably for the rest of the day and maybe even for the week as well. But here the weather changes ALL THE TIME. So first day of school I was wearing a swather because they told me it was cold here, so I was warm in the morning for 3 hours but sweating for the rest of the day. The next day it looked very nice outside so was wearing just a t-shirt. BIG mistake. The weather changed a lot. The weather forecast I used to check every morning, says nothing about how it really was going to be like. So always wear changeable close in Lille!!

3. I made this mistake a few times. The problem with the bisous is, they take a lot of time. I always arrive in school about 8 min early to walk to class. But here the people meet in front of school to do their bisous and then walk to class. So for a few times in the morning I forgot I had to be early to kiss everyone (which is a lot by the way when you think of 30 people in class and you have like 12 people you’d kiss and then the kids from different classes you know and different grades because here its not only your close friends you’d kiss its everybody you ever talked to, so it sums up by the time).

4. Don’t drink out of the water tab. It really doesn’t taste good. Not even the french do it, so its not just me not liking the different taste of it. I made this experience when I only took a very little water bottle to school because in germany we have wash basins in every class room and also a water cooler in the canteen. But here they have neither the sinks nor the water cooler (but they have a coffee machine, which is pretty cool).

5. I met a few germans here to. the first time we met, even tho we had no problem kissing the french is was weird kissing a german, but we certainly didn’t want to give hands or hug each other so we ended up high fiving. I totally forgot how to great a new met person in germany! By now I hug a few and we have our own checks but the kissing still doesn’t work.


School life (September 19)

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My third week at school has just ended. During the last two weeks I changed my classes again I’m now in grade 11 maths, art, broadcast and law I really like those classes. I got to know a lot of people because of all the time table changes I did. After tree weeks I know exactly where too meet my friends at lunch and where my class rooms are. I feel really integrated in the school already. On Tuesday I’ve been to a football game for the first time of my life. The senior team of my school played against some other school team and our school won. I had a lot of fun watching the game tho I didn’t understand the rules at all.
When I return home after school I’m usually staying at home in the afternoons because on weekdays all the Canadian students are quiet busy a lot of them have to work after school. But on the weekends they have time to hang out. Since I got my membership at the YMCA I work out almost everyday in the evening.
The weather is cooling down already by the time I walk to school in the morning it’s about 5 degrees but at least it gets warmer in the afternoon.